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Former student of philosophy, maths and literature. Now studying master program in sociology. Some thinkers of central interest include Ludwig Wittgenstein, C. G. Jung and Pierre Bourdieu.

What is so special about Jungian Typology?

Jungian typology has become popular worldwide. Especially with the development of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). However it’s reputation among academics is not very good. One common reason for disapproval is its lack of scientific evidence. As I’ve argued in earlier … Continue reading

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Developing ideas for a “Make-a-Living”-project

On this blog I’ve published several posts about the Internet Revolution, and how the Internet is changing our society (for example here, here & here). In the book Netocracy: The new power elite and life after capitalism, Alexander Bard and … Continue reading

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“The Role of Intellectuals in the Modern World” by Pierre Bourdieu (excerpt)

Here is an excerpt from the text “Universal Corporatism: The Role of Intellectuals in the Modern World” by Pierre Bourdieu. It will be necessary today to invent forms of organization which would give voice to a great collective intellectual, combining … Continue reading

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“The Shallows: What the Internet is Doing to Our Brains” by Nicholas Carr

The Shallows written by Nicholas Carr, is a book exploring the effects of what the Internet has upon our lives. It was a finalist for the Pulitzer-prize in 2011. This book is of natural interest on this blog as here … Continue reading

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Mapping Jungian Typology

  Introduction In an earlier post MBTI:ers, Jungians and Scientists I tried to open up for a more intellectual take on Jungian typology, asking for scientific methodology. MBTI and Jungian typology is popular at Internet communities, but in higher institutions … Continue reading

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Philosophy, dialogue and interest for the ordinary

Wittgenstein once said “A philosopher who is not taking part in discussions is like a boxer who never goes into the ring”. I do sense that there is something in it. It is the discussion that brings philosophy to life. … Continue reading

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Internet Revolution pt.3: How the non-attentionalistic can prevail over the attentionalistic

Introduction This will be part 3 in a series of articles involving the concepts of slow-thinking and fast-thinking, attentionalism and non-attentionalism. The first article presented Alexander Bard’s ideas of the Internet Revolution. Bard meant that the emergence of Internet led … Continue reading

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