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What is so special about Jungian Typology?

Jungian typology has become popular worldwide. Especially with the development of Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI). However it’s reputation among academics is not very good. One common reason for disapproval is its lack of scientific evidence. As I’ve argued in earlier … Continue reading

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Mapping Jungian Typology

  Introduction In an earlier post MBTI:ers, Jungians and Scientists I tried to open up for a more intellectual take on Jungian typology, asking for scientific methodology. MBTI and Jungian typology is popular at Internet communities, but in higher institutions … Continue reading

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MBTI:ers, Jungians and Scientists

[Read as PDF] Introduction Critics of Carl Gustav Jung’s Typology and the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) often argues that it lacks scientific evidence and is therefore of no use, while those who approve of it tend to take no interest … Continue reading

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“Don’t think, but look!” – The most common misconception about Wittgenstein?

Introduction Ludwig Wittgenstein writes in his Philosophical Investigations “Don’t think, but look!” (PI 66), which (in line with Jung) implies “Don’t judge, but perceive!”. The most common misconception about Wittgenstein could perhaps be described like this; people assume he’s making … Continue reading

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Habermas and Rorty MBTI, Introverted Thinking vs. Introverted iNtuition

Here I’ll present some arguments why the philosophy of Richard Rorty is connected to introverted intuition – INxJ (probably INTJ*) and the philosophy of Jürgen Habermas is connected to introverted thinking – IxTP (probably INTP*) according to MBTI. I feel … Continue reading

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Wittgenstein MBTI, Why he was Introverted iNtuitive (INxJ)

  The dominant function: Introverted iNtuition (Ni) Artist and seer Carl Jung describes the Introverted Intuitive type like this: “The peculiar nature of introverted intuition, when given the priority, also produces a peculiar type of man, viz. the mystical dreamer … Continue reading

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The task of philosophy is to use ”introverted intuition”?

– “[T]he philosophers task [is] imagining possibilities” – Ludwig Wittgenstein “The introverted intuitive moves from image to image, chasing after every possibility in the teeming womb of the unconscious” – Carl Jung – Earlier I presented an article by Dawn … Continue reading

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