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“Don’t think, but look!” – The most common misconception about Wittgenstein?

Introduction Ludwig Wittgenstein writes in his Philosophical Investigations “Don’t think, but look!” (PI 66), which (in line with Jung) implies “Don’t judge, but perceive!”. The most common misconception about Wittgenstein could perhaps be described like this; people assume he’s making … Continue reading

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Wittgenstein MBTI, Why he was Introverted iNtuitive (INxJ)

  The dominant function: Introverted iNtuition (Ni) Artist and seer Carl Jung describes the Introverted Intuitive type like this: “The peculiar nature of introverted intuition, when given the priority, also produces a peculiar type of man, viz. the mystical dreamer … Continue reading

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Recommended reading for basic orientation

For basic orientation There are numerous synoptic books on the history of western philosophy. I’d suggest reading at least one of these, to get basic orientation of the canonized western philosophers, and to get a “traditional” view on how to … Continue reading

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