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Bourdieu and academical philosophy

Pierre Bourdieu studied philosophy early in his academic career (wrote his thesis on Leibniz), but later on “converted” into a sociologist when he went to Algeria and undertook empirical sociological research. In a sense Bourdieu was to value the ‘concrete’ … Continue reading

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“Philosophy as critical theory” by Kai Nielsen

The metaphilosophical views of Kai Nielsen are similar to what Jürgen Habermas argues for in the essay Philosophy as Stand in and Interpreter (see review here). Their suggestion for the future of philosophy appears much the same. Some parts of … Continue reading

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Jürgen Habermas, non-ironist and non-metaphysical philosopher

As I previously noted, Jürgen Habermas and Richard Rorty stood close to eachother. However they did also have their disputes. Rorty’s philosophical heroes are people who are both “liberal” and “ironist”, and he called Habermas “a liberal who is unwilling … Continue reading

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