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A philosopher’s guide to Pierre Bourdieu

Some would perhaps call Pierre Bourdieu more of an anti-philosopher than a philosopher. I want to claim that Bourdieu was a philosopher, and stress Bourdieu’s role within philosophy. It is true that Bourdieu strongly criticized academic philosophy, but Bourdieu also … Continue reading

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“Don’t think, but look!” – The most common misconception about Wittgenstein?

Introduction Ludwig Wittgenstein writes in his Philosophical Investigations “Don’t think, but look!” (PI 66), which (in line with Jung) implies “Don’t judge, but perceive!”. The most common misconception about Wittgenstein could perhaps be described like this; people assume he’s making … Continue reading

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Bourdieu and academical philosophy

Pierre Bourdieu studied philosophy early in his academic career (wrote his thesis on Leibniz), but later on “converted” into a sociologist when he went to Algeria and undertook empirical sociological research. In a sense Bourdieu was to value the ‘concrete’ … Continue reading

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Rorty and the game of philosophy

In an article entitled “Recent Metaphilosophy”, Richard Rorty starts off by presenting an “inconsistent triad of philosophy”, and then continues by reviewing two books on metaphilosophy by Everett W. Hall and Henry W. Johnstone Jr. Some issues brought up here … Continue reading

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Pierre Bourdieu, philosophy and empirics

Pierre Bourdieu differs from most philosophers in one sense – he relies heavily on empirical research. Earlier I’ve reviewed essays by Jürgen Habermas (link) and Kai Nielsen (link), that suggested philosophy should be empirical. By referring to Pierre Bourdieu, I … Continue reading

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The task of philosophy is to use ”introverted intuition”?

– “[T]he philosophers task [is] imagining possibilities” – Ludwig Wittgenstein “The introverted intuitive moves from image to image, chasing after every possibility in the teeming womb of the unconscious” – Carl Jung – Earlier I presented an article by Dawn … Continue reading

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“Reading literature and doing philosophy” by Dawn M Wilson

Dawn M Wilson discusses the differences between reading science, literature and philosophy. Philosophy is usually read in similar sense as science, and Wilson argues that it should rather be read in similar sense as literature, and she uses the writings … Continue reading

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