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Notes from Underground – Dostoevsky the philosopher presents himself

In 1849 Fyodor Dostoevsky (1821-1881) was sentenced to death. He was member of a society which were considered dangerous for their liberal ideas. As the execution was about to set off, he was reprieved and instead sent to prison camp, … Continue reading

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On philosophy of communication (draft)

What I will be aiming at here is similar to what an encyclopedia would write on Communication (such as the Wikipedia article here). But there are some important differences. Mainly, the encyclopedia writes an article based on and backed up … Continue reading

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Introduction to some ideas and concepts of Richard Rorty

Romantic hope ‘Willingness to substitute imagination for certainty, and curiosity for pride.’ – PSH (references to the works of Rorty, see below) Liberal ‘I borrow my definition of “liberal” from Judith Shklar, who says that liberals are the people who … Continue reading

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Is philosophy dead?

Read as PDF Every now and then I hear this idea that philosophy is dead. Or that philosophy is no good, or that the philosophers are living in their own fantasy world and do nothing useful. I find this interesting, … Continue reading

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