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Rorty and the game of philosophy

In an article entitled “Recent Metaphilosophy”, Richard Rorty starts off by presenting an “inconsistent triad of philosophy”, and then continues by reviewing two books on metaphilosophy by Everett W. Hall and Henry W. Johnstone Jr. Some issues brought up here … Continue reading

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Selected quotes of Ludwig Wittgenstein and commentary

Wittgenstein himself did a lot of cutting and pasting with his own aphorisms. Here I’ve gathered some quotes by and about Wittgenstein which I personally found useful and important, and put it under headlines listed below. In some cases I … Continue reading

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Introduction to some ideas and concepts of Richard Rorty

Romantic hope ‘Willingness to substitute imagination for certainty, and curiosity for pride.’ – PSH (references to the works of Rorty, see below) Liberal ‘I borrow my definition of “liberal” from Judith Shklar, who says that liberals are the people who … Continue reading

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